Internet Radio launched in a few days

Dear friends  Its with immense pleasure and with a thankful heart we announce the launching of Athmavision Internet Radio in a few days. Its going to be a wonderful time of gospel songs, messages and other programmes for you with Athmavision Internet Radio. With the studio based in Philadelphia, USA, programmes will be broadcast initially in Malayalam in Indian Standard Time. We trust in God to extend it to other languages in India soon. We also believe that God would open doors for the Internet Channel and TV Channel soon. Your prayerful support is earnestly requested for this new endeavor. You have the opportunity to partner with Athmavision Radio by sending your newly created songs, gospel messages, articles to the blog and you can even singing for us or read for us. This is your radio. Lets spread the Word together. You will be able to listen to Athmavision Radio through Android and IOS Apps on your phone. I thank God for all His blessings in the past years and His love endureth
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